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original fiction by KindKit

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Name:Original fiction by KindKit
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Community description:Original fiction by KindKit
This community will allow interested people to read original fiction by me ([personal profile] kindkit). All original fiction posted here will be viewable to community members only and will not be cross-posted to my personal journal. In order to see any posts, you will need to join the community, not just follow it. Membership here is moderated, but so long as you're not a spambot or a troll, I will approve your membership request.

At least initially, what I post here will be rough drafts. Constructive criticism is welcome, but please bear the "rough draft" part in mind.

The fiction will include male/male sex and love; war-related violence; historical attitudes that may include homophobia, racism, and sexism; and the kind of incidental grim-and-bleakness you might expect from a queer love story set during the Second World War. I will put warnings as needed on any chapters/posts I think contain potentially triggering content.

Addendum: The WWII novel has been temporarily put on hold. The current project to be posted here is a m/m Regency romance.
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